Sunday, August 7, 2011

Go climb a tree

Oh, what I wouldn't have given to play in one of these phenomenal tree houses when I was growing up. Or to have one to live in right now!

Remember Julia Butterfly Hill, a famous tree sitter, who occupied a Californian Redwood for 738 days, saving the tree and others in the immediate area? Her accommodation consisted of two 3m (29 sq ft) platforms 60m (200 ft) above the ground.

Enchanted Forest Treehouse
The treehouse in Canada’s Enchanted Forest theme park looks like a children’s picture book come to life. British Columbia’s tallest treehouse is supported by several tree trunks and boasts a long spiral staircase that connects the structure’s multiple levels.

O2 Sustainability Tree House
Dustin Feider had a different vision for treehouses than the conventional shack-like wooden structures often seen in suburban backyards. He wanted to design an eco-friendly structure that could sit among the trees without harming them, and that’s how he created the first O2 Sustainability Tree House. These unique treetop domes are constructed entirely of recycled materials, and they hang from cables instead of being bolted to trees so their impact is minimal.

Alnwick Garden Treehouse
This massive structure is located in the UK’s Alnwick Garden and was completed in 2005. Due to the house’s size, a network of wooden braces must support it, so it’s not a treehouse in the traditional sense of the word. However, it stretches high into the treetops and several trees grow right through the floor and up past the roof. The building is home to a restaurant that serves gourmet local food.

Finca Bellavista Community 
Finca Bellavista is unlike any other place on Earth. The 350-acre site on Costa Rica’s southern coast is the first modern sustainable treehouse community. Construction began about three years ago, and today the location is home to five houses and 24 buildings, including a community center — all suspended in the trees. Finca Bellavista is situated among mountains, beaches and rivers so one can imagine the breathtaking views available from a Costa Rican treetop home.

Check out more awesome tree houses here.


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