Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spectacular! Paint Sound Sculptures...

First of all, it's my dream to work at dentsu -- these guys just seem so smart and fun -- heck, I's run coffee for them all day if that's what it required.

So, I've seen this type of photography/project before, but something about their special touch here has moved me.  Maybe it's their quiet reverence for color and sound, or how diligently delicate they are with the materials {approaching it like scientists}, or how committed they are to creating something so visually beautiful with their tools.  Whatever it is, they hit the mark.

See the full video of how they made this images -- it's super cool!  Click here.

Collaborating with photographer Linden Gledhill, they've created a series of "paint sculptures" using sound vibrations.  It's part of a campaign for Canon (yes, its a commercial project - but its so well done that I couldn't resist).  The team begins by wrapping a membrane around a small speaker.  Then, ink drops are placed on this membrane and react with the sound vibrations, making the paint "dance".

See the full video of how they made this images -- it's super cool!  Click here.

The team used high-speed video cameras and still cameras to capture this, including circling around the sculptures to see the paint move from all angles.


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