Monday, January 24, 2011

Inspired DIY - Whitewash

I came across this post by Design*Sponge on the DIY whitewash/distressing process and was immediately intrigued.  They, of course, made it look so easy!  And suprisingly it was... below are the details of our first attempt.  I would recommend this as a great beginner project that can be completed in a day.

{1} Find a free piece of furniture on the sidewalk!  As long as it's structurally sound, it really doesn't matter if it's in bad shape {see below - ours had clearly been attacked by little monsters}.

{2} Lightly Sand it {if your wood has a thin veneer, be careful not to take off too much}.

{3} Now, for the very best part... distressing {and where we got to add our own touch}.  To be honest, I was a bit surprised when Kevin came into the garage holding a very large chain.  But he quickly explained to me the fun we could have distressing the wood.  Do this project just to experience the thrill whacking something with a dangerous object - it's a delightful way to release stress!

{4} Buy some white or light gray latex paint and dilute with water {until you reach the desired color shade}.  You can also mix in a little blue paint if you want a slightly different hue {but I prefer plain white, so that it can easily complement any other colors in the room}.

{5} Use a paint brush to apply the whitewash mixture.  Make long strokes following the wood grain.  Remove the paint from any areas with a wet sponge {to make the paint job look a little more random}.  Also, notice the scratch marks in the wood from the chain.

{5} Allow the paint to dry fully.  Apply as many additional layers of paint as you wish.

For the finishing touches we added large casters to the bottom and used a simple white rope for handle pulls {Kevin's genuis idea!}.

{What's your favorite DIY project?  Please leave a comment with description and/or a link... I'd love to hear about it!}


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