Friday, April 2, 2010

Digital Photography School

Interested in brushing up on your photography skills?  Need help with new technology and techniques?  Want to improve your eye in order to better enjoy your hobby? Or, just don't know what to snap?  Then you need to discover the Digital Photography School.

DPS is a free website that features online tutorials on techniques, tips, equipment and post production - with subject matter for beginners to advanced.  With articles like...

+ how to hold your digital camera
+ learning about exposure
+ get creative with Photoshop actions
+ tips for natural looking portraits
+ macro photography for beginners

... you're sure to find at least one good tip! Their forum is also very useful in connecting with other photographers to ask questions, share tips and receive critiques. 

"Discover how to use your digital camera with our Digital Photography Tips. We are a community of photographers of all experience levels who come together to learn, share and grow in our understanding of photography."

My favorite helpful aspect of DPS is their weekly email featuring assignments and weekend challenges (perfect for the artistic procrastinator inside you!).  Check out this weekend's challenge, Less is More.

And, yes - I did say that all of this advice and ideas for inspiration are free!


Janice said...

That was a very good idea because lot of people don't know the basic tips on photography.Good thing also is there were many how are interested in buying or having a digital camera.This will be a great help to them.

Bernadette Gordon said...

Hey Janice! Thanks for your comments. Yes, I find this especially helpful for better understanding the basics of photography. Glad you thought it useful and hope to see you back here again! :)

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