Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Exactly just how much water are you supposed to drink each day?  We've all heard 8 glasses, but what is considered a 'glass'?  I just learned that determining your ideal fluid intake is actually more complex than you may think, as its based upon your level of activity, weight, climate and how many hours you spend awake.  Below, find out how many ounces of water YOUR hard working body requires each day...

Daily Water Requirements:  
  • Drink 50-75% of your body weight in ounces
  • Sedentary people: 50%;  Active people: 75%
Example Calculation:
Pounds of body weightWater requirement from above (75% of body weight for an active person)
Add for dryness of climate
Add for strenous exercise
150 lb.112.5 oz.

+ 16 oz.
+ 16 oz.
Total per day 144.5 oz.
Divide by the number of hours you're awake to find your hourly water requirement: 144.5 ÷ 16 = 9 oz.

Therefore, a 150-pound active person who works out should drink 9 oz. of water for each hour awake.

Thanks to: http://www.naturodoc.com

So... I just drank 100 ounces of water today.  It did certainly take a good deal of awareness throughout the work day - hoping I can keep it up!

[[ What tips do you have for working more healthy H20 into your daily routine? ]]


Brandy said...

As I sit here with my 4 year old daughter eating powdered donuts...I am totally convicted! I need to wash this down with something and I know it should be water, but I really want something else instead. I have heard of this formula before(calculated by body weight and activity) and remember trying this before. It really worked for me by adding a straw to drink with. I drink so much more this way. Another thing to remember is to stop drinking water at a reasonable hour so that you are not waking up all night to go to the bathroom.

I am with you girl...reaching for the H2O right now! Thanks for reminding us to stay hydrated! Brandy

Bernadette Gordon said...

Hey Brandy - I love the idea of drinking water with a straw (how did I never think of that!). Thanks! And, BTW, my French Cruller from Dunkin' Donuts this morning did taste spectacular with my hot coffee :) I guess I'll try for more water tomorrow! Ha!
Thanks again,

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